About Bynet Businesses

The modern Business environment presents you, medium and large businesses with a wide variety of challenging tasks:

You are required to manage multi-channel communication with your customers, provide your employees with all the technological tools required to perform tasks of every shape and size at any hour and yet, at the same time, carefully secure all of your priceless business environment.

In order to meet these tasks, you are required to hire various equipment and service suppliers and manage them – instead of focusing on your core business. That is where we in Bynet Businesses enter the picture.

Bynet businesses is Israel's leading company for remotely managed computing and communications services. Bynet Businesses places at your disposal an advanced infrastructure which provides a perfect response to all of your communications and computing business needs, with a variety of possible efficient and beneficial technologies.

שרת וירטואלי

One network – infinite possibilities

Bynet Businesses' NGB network is based on an integrated, wide and stable optical infrastructure which provides plenty of advanced software and hardware solutions that are personally adaptable to your needs. Through it, you will be able to advance to innovative computing and communications services, connect to your preferred hosting sites and communications providers, accelerate the growth of your organization and ensure business continuity – in a parsimonious, efficient and flexible monthly contract based model. The optical fiber network is based on back upped optical rings, that are managed and linked between the most advanced hosting sites and are connected to all the leading communications and internet providers.

Join the leading group

The advanced solutions of Bynet businesses will place your business at the forefront of technology.

All of the services are carefully selected and are based on the professionalism and experience of the Red-Bynet Group, the founder of Israeli High-tech and a world leader in communications and computational technologies for international companies.

With the communications and computation solutions of Bynet Businesses, everything is possible

There is no limit to the possibilities you face. Each business has a character, missions and needs of its own. You will find a solution to any communications and communication issue you face, with personal adaptation to your business. There is no limit to the possibilities you face. Each business has a character, missions and needs of its own. You will find a solution to any communications and communication issue you face, with personal adaptation to your business.

The Red Bynet Group

The Red-Bynet Group, a world leader in audio communications and data. The group is composed of a family of independent companies which develop, manufacture and market solutions for different sectors of the communications industry. The group was established by Yehuda and Zohar Zisapel,  includes over 4,500 workers in 25 branches throughout the world.

Bynet Computer Communications – the leading integration company in Israel and a rising global power, incorporates all of the elements required for success

This Group provides managed outsourcing services, integration of computational systems, establishment and management of help desks and call service centers

Internet Bynet provides integrated communications services for the business sector. Our services include internet and hosting services in the DATA CENTER

This software center focuses on developing WEB applications and content and dedicated organizational knowledge developments

Computer communications and phone services, control systems, security and low voltage, multimedia systems for conference rooms

A leading company in the provision of advanced analytical, monitoring and optimization for communications infrastructure, applications and information security in order to optimize the service, secure the organizational infrastructure and improve user experience.

Aנnet Communications specializes in distributing communication solutions, backup, storage, information security and licensing. Avnet represents in Israel some of the leading technological companies in the world

Bynet Businesses of the Red-Bynet Group, offers its clients and makes a wide and extensive variety of technological services, overall communication services, System-IT computational services and information security, including State of the Art solutions that are remotely managed and supported, accessible to the business sector

Our company is certified by the Standards Institute according to the ISO9001 Standard

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